Friday, January 30, 2009

What is this 25 Randomness Business??

1. I didn't sleep a wink last night, so I ate Oreos and watched Sex and the City til 4am.
2. Then the trash man came and the yard guy started doing his thing, so yeah I will be taking a nap.
3. I love doing Pilates and Yoga, but my biggest fear is losing the "good fat" I have, ie. front and back.
4. My cat has over 10 names, all of which you will never know.
5. Every day I pass by a tattoo parlor on my way home. Every day I think about turning in and getting one. Every day.
6. One of my favorite things this week was the one hour gmail video chat with Kel.
7. Yesterday I bought shoes and a shirt at Target for under $13.
8. I "tried" to be the girl that washes her hair every other day to give it a break...I am not that girl. Two showers a day is the only way.
9. I hate how tricky it is to blow your nose with a nose ring.
10. I confess I scan the gym for hotties on the way to a class. I also confess to shameless eye flirting.
11. I tried to be fancy and order a Gin Martini last week. It was gross. Conclusion: they only look fancy on tv.
12. I would never kiss an animal on the mouth. That disgusts me on many levels.
13. I am planning a trip out of the country this year. Chile, Greece and Italy are all on the list.
14. Sometimes I wake up with an idea for a novel and/or something to write about. I have a very long list.
15. I sing and pray a lot in the shower. I also dance.
16. I still dream in Spanish every now and then.
17. I fly a lot in my dreams.
18. I would like to master the art of small talk, because right now it is killing me.
19. Sometimes I want to be a counselor for married people even though that is none of my business.
20. I want to live in Europe for some part of my life.
21. I think I will have white babies. In college my friends used to say I would have mocha babies...
22. I am thankful that my best friends (who are married) do not try to set me up with single guys they (or their husbands know). I love them for that.
23. I never thought I would rock leggings, but they are like a second skin to me now.
24. I wish my parents never moved me to the East coast.
25. I am thankful that I have always believed in God.

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