Thursday, January 15, 2009


Missing: Tall, dark-haired male between the age of 26-33 with athletic build and witty sense of humor. Christian, with years of experience living out a Godly life with passion, purpose and vision. A leader with integrity who values family above fame. An entrepreneur of sorts, doesn't complain, not easily discouraged, works hard yet knows how to relax. A delight to his mate because he is just as easily satisfied with a quick dinner as he is a well prepared meal, in other words not particular in matters of food. A sharp dresser who never wears black socks. One who doesn't need another mother. He already has one. Not partial to spending Sundays in front of a game. Spontaneous, sexy, loving, attentive, affectionate, sharp, artistic, well traveled, with loads of patience for his talkative mate. A decision maker who is confident but not vain. He is just as comfortable sleeping on the floor as he is in a five star hotel. Comfortable with other cultures. Hikes. Grills. Doesn't beat himself up or take himself too seriously. Loves his grandma. Is gentle with his words. Can get along with anyone. Wouldn't mind shopping. Works out, showers regularly, doesn't collect unnecessary piles. Could sleep in for hours on a rainy day without feeling guilty. Content to go out, just as well to stay in. Not irritable or moody. A man's man... whatever that means. Smells fabulous. Cuts his nails. Is just plain fun. Manages money well, likes to give it away, save it and have a little fun...guilt free. Doesn't judge and always has a plan.
When found please return to:
Brandee Dishner Central Ave. Charlotte.

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