Thursday, January 15, 2009

Officially A Couple

He has wined and dined me for nearly a year and a half. He has let me come and go, a constant and steady force in everyday life. So today when I changed my number to area code 704, it was then I announced I am officially dating Charlotte. That's right, don't listen to what you have heard about me running around town with anyone else, the Queen City and I are a pair.

I needed to commit. Charlotte knows I am like the main character in Chocolat, when the wind blows I feel a need to move with it. Besides that, Charlotte residents were a little frustrated with my previous 703 number. My Harris Teeter card has never worked and I attribute this to the fact they entered it in wrong. I also don't want to lose business and I have heard that the 704 lady that had my similar number, is a bit peeved.

So, I have decided to stay...for now. So Hotlanta, Chi-town and Boston, call me.

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