Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Letter (in case one didn't reach you)

As 2008 comes to a close the Dishner family is thinking, “Can it please hurry up?” With the passing of a beloved matriarch in the family, job changes and an economy that affects us all, we decided to do what we do best, see each other as much as possible to encourage and love on one another.

There were many wonderful things that happened this year as well including mom and dad celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. Both Britt and I agree they are not aging a bit and are having more and more fun with each passing year. Diligently praying to make the right move, Mom accepted the General Manager position at Pinehurst's historic Country Club of North Carolina. We are so proud of her and she is loving the new challenge. We think her skills as a fabulous mom are multiplied as she is in charge of over 150 employees and really takes on the responsibility of caring for the Club and members with enthusiasm and grace, all the while creating a fun work environment for the employees. Did I mention she beat out over 35 men for the job? I can brag on her because I was in charge of writing the Christmas letter this year! To top it off people still regularly mistake her for my older sister. Yeah mom!

Dad celebrated his 50th birthday this year and absolutely no one believed him. Out for dinner for the special occasion everyone guessed early 40's but soon met me, now 26, and realized their math was a little off. This is a true testimony to dad aging like a fine wine, a little better with age. He has been busy with projects in the Sandhills area as well as new developments in Banner Elk and the NC coast. We have all had a great time meeting in the mountains to see the progress and enjoy a little time away in Boone. Dad continues to be an amazing host always welcoming the droves of people Britt and I frequently bring home. Whether it's firing up the grill, being the captain of a boat ride or keeping the logs on the fire, Dad always makes coming home special with whoever we have in tow. Thanks dad!

My baby sister is no longer a baby, and I have to constantly remind myself of that fact! A junior at UNCW she is majoring in Operations Management. She is enjoying all the fun that comes with her sorority, Chi Omega and I am constantly getting fabulous pictures from her formals. She lived in Wilmington for the summer, getting more and more tan by the day and enjoyed working at Bluewater, where she once seated a “really good looking guy” who soon became her boyfriend, Luis. They are having a blast meeting in Seven Lakes for the weekends for family time, Panthers games in Charlotte and exploring Wilmington.

As for me, I am enjoying my new loft in Charlotte, a few minutes from downtown. My part-time hobby of freelance writing has become my full time job and I am loving every minute. I currently write articles for wedding magazines, business journals and newspapers, and have received word that over 18 publications are interested in featuring my work. Working from home and various coffee shops is growing on me and I always get a little flip in my stomach when I see one of my articles in Barnes and Noble next to magazines I have read for years. I am thankful to God for this unique opportunity and am leaning into Him each and every day to guide me in this venture. I also found a great church and have made it my second job to find all of the fabulous restaurants in Charlotte. Come visit me in the Queen City, I've got a couch with your name on it!

My hope and prayer for you this season is echoed by my family. With all of the beautiful things that have happened this year, I am sure you, like us, have experienced challenges and hard times as well. We pray your holiday season is a time of rest and renewal and especially a time to surround yourself with all of your favorite people. With the beginning of a fresh new year around the corner, let us remember that God's mercies are new every morning and He is faithful to bring you through. We love you and look forward to the next time we see you. If you are traveling through NC, just know you have a home in Seven Lakes, Wilmington and Charlotte!

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