Friday, December 19, 2008


After dinner and a little shopping, I went out with F, T and C to a little pub off Selwyn. Let me set the scene. F was wearing jeans and a casual shirt, not a stitch of makeup. T and C in casual guy clothes, although C had on cuff links I later noticed and really was the most dressed up of all of us. I was in jeans and casual boots with a pony tail.

When we walked in to the pub...all eyes on us. F says, "Didn't know we were going to a semi-formal." I followed with, "We are the only ones that are pale with brown hair." We smiled lightly as we found our way to the couches by the fire. Every girl did the stink eye-glare-up-and-down. F leaned over and said "Geeze they look pissed or hungry."

It was so strange. There on a Thursday night, sitting around the outdoor fireplace sipping beers we couldn't help but notice that everyone looked like they were not comfortable with themselves. We watched as South Carolina hair styled-banker types stared down spray tanned-bleach blonde gals all holding light beers. The girls grouped in one area and the guys, slightly drooling grouped in another. It was middle school all over again except without the beers out in the open. Did I mention everyone had on pearls? It was an interesting group for a pub to say the least. I enjoyed people-watching as guys explained their position at work and gals batted their double coated lashes hoping this was the one to bring home to mom.

You might think I am being harsh, but I was not the only one who noticed how uncomfortable everyone was. No one could just chill. They were too busy trying to appear as if they had it all together. Just another interesting night of people watching.


Kels said...

This makes me think of at least 3 different Jack Johnson songs, and so now I'm singing in my head, "Sexy, sexy made up of plexi-disaster. Pushing and pulling conservative rolling, unlike plastic, easier to see through..." It also makes me think of the movie Mean Girls. Have you seen it? We've never talked about that, you would love it!

BDish said...

I have seen it! Although I am not a Lohan fan, I like the movie. And those were EXACTLY the girls that were at this pub.