Monday, December 15, 2008

My Bedazzled Nose...

Top 5 Reasons Why I got a nose ring:
1) It is a reminder of God's promise to me for my career.
2) I have always worried too much about what people think, and now am moving into a place where I am much more comfortable with being myself.
3) It is a daily reminder that I am pursuing my artistic career as a corporate.
4) I don't like to live my life wondering "what if."
5) I think they are cute!

Top 5 Responses when I told people...these are for real:
1) "Oh awesome Baby Girl, those are so cute. I bet it gives ya a little edge."-Dad
2) "You DID NOT! Oh! I have always wanted one of those but I can't because of work! I'm so jealous!" -Mom
3) "Shut up. I bet you rock it."-Shana Crawford
4) "That is the new hottness." Eric DeLeon
5) "Braaaaaann. I thought you would just talk about it forever, not actually do it!"-Britt

Top 5 New Habits/Changes:
1) I can't sleep on the right side.
2) I can't pick my nose (with a tissue of course)
3) I nearly had a panic attack before the first time I sneezed with it...turned out to be no big deal.
4) I soak my nose with sea salt on the regular.
5) My face feels dressed up even without makeup!

I think it's funny because I thought about it for 2 months, researched the best place to go and found out it was a block from my house. So yesterday I just waltzed down there, by myself, and asked 5 million questions and then said ok, let's do it. Wasn't as bad as I thought...the needles on You Tube videos looked a lot worse. Wow I'm so type A.


Hikari Nakane said...

great photo. i am convinced and satisfied. however, no mention of the sushi roll on reasons of getting one...???

BDish said...

True, an ode to SRS follows.